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  Posted By :    Willi   on 8/05/2006 9:07:01 p.m.
  Topic :    Good bye
  Thoughts :
    Al, I just received the message, that you have reached your last finish line. I should be happy that I got to know you. Instead I'm fighting back my tears. We will never hear your laughter again, but there are hundreds of photos to keep your smiling eyes in memory. It's hard to understand, but I remember as some time ago someone explained me that life includes both - the birth and the passing. I am writing this to express my most heartfelt sympathy to Bettina and all your family. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

  Posted By :    Udo Fesser   on 8/05/2006 8:54:49 p.m.
  Topic :    Danke Al!
  Thoughts :
    Danke Al, daß ich deine Zeit hier mit dir erleben durfte. Danke, daß ich mit dir lachen und scherzen durfte. Danke, daß wir reden konnten. Danke für das Vertrauen, das du in mich und mein Können hattest. Danke für alles, daß du geleistet und für uns getan hast. Alles Gute für dein letztes Finish, alter Freund. Ich wünsche dir eine gute Reise. Ein Mensch wie du hat sicher einen Ehrenplatz unter den Guten im Himmel. Udo

  Posted By :    Gina Sharp (was Hough)   on 8/05/2006 8:48:07 p.m.
  Topic :    A kind heart
  Thoughts :
    It's very hard to find appropriate words when something as tragic as this happens. In fact, you just can't really. I am so sorry for Bettina and her loss because Al will leave a big space that will be impossible to fill. I am sure he is as close as he can be to her now and trying to let her know he's with her. He was a warm and lovely person, with a very kind heart. People with truly kind hearts are harder and harder to find. With love, Gina x

  Posted By :    Jackie and Lars   on 8/05/2006 8:02:59 p.m.
  Topic :    Best Man
  Thoughts :
    Will never forget your risky strategy for delivering a Best Man's speech in Philip and Jen's wedding. You had us laughing one minute crying the next. You delivered the speech with great presence and pride. Al, you'll be sadly missed by all those you touched at the wedding. Go in peace. Jackie and Lars

  Posted By :    Fiona McAllister   on 8/05/2006 8:00:45 p.m.
  Topic :    Alan
  Thoughts :
    So glad we got to rekindle our friendship Alan which goes back to Murrays Bay Int. Will always remember the banter from Mr Flynn's Russian class. Went for a run in your honour tonight along Takapuna Beach. Travel safe and be free my friend. Love and deepest sympathy to Bettina, Sherrida and family - hope to see you soon.

  Posted By :    OB1   on 8/05/2006 6:02:18 p.m.
  Topic :    Als was the widest smile on the planet
  Thoughts :
    I was priviledged to meet Al on a few ocassions through Dan although last caught up with Al over a mammoth lunch and numerous coffees at HQ on Aucklands waterfront last year. This will be my everlasting memory of simply great guy with a smile as wide as he was tall. We talked of training, marathons yet to be run and plotted Swiss alpine mountainbiking expeditions for Dan he and I. Two and half hours flew by...such a wonderful person to be with. Will miss you mate....London will be for you!! OB1

  Posted By :    Brett Roche   on 8/05/2006 4:05:57 p.m.
  Topic :    Al-ze-Bob
  Thoughts :
    Ah, the Bob. So many memories, where do I start. Well, I can say, they are only good ones. From when we first met, as a couple of scrawny 16-yr-old runners, to the present day, you have always been a best mate. And that despite living many thousands of miles apart. I respected you as an athlete, and I loved you as friend. You will be missed. Rochie

  Posted By :    Kerryn Ralston   on 8/05/2006 2:17:15 p.m.
  Topic :    Love & Thoughts
  Thoughts :
    When I think of you Alan, I think of your amazing positivity, generosity and happy spirit. You really do light up a room when you're in it. I'm so glad we saw you at Christmas, that was a really great day and something I will always treasure as special. Go in peace, knowing you were so greatly thought of and admired. Bettina, all our love and thoughts to you. Lots of love Kerryn & Kelly xxx.

  Posted By :    Martin Jones   on 8/05/2006 1:11:59 p.m.
  Topic :    thoughts and memeories of Alan
  Thoughts :
    We went to school together in Murrays Bay and on up to Rangitoto, great times and many memories. Remeber Al and and Dan together with Greg and Averil visiting me when I was working back in Scotlandin 1986 and we had a great few days. Al you will be missed mate. May your God go with you and that you are at peace.

  Posted By :    Jack Ralston   on 8/05/2006 10:06:11 a.m.
  Topic :    My mate Al-Bob
  Thoughts :
    Maaaaaaate, the runs and rides of the future will never be quite the same without your spirit to drive me. You were a guy that typifys why I coach. The rewards I got seeing you achieve and grow into a very special man are all I ever need from sport. Then for you to come back and ask for coaching advice these past 5 years was an honor. You achieved. Love to you and Bettina and all the friends. Jacko and Marg.
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