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  Posted By :    sherrida   on 10/03/2007 7:34:47 p.m.
  Topic :    The resemblance between you and Jordan
  Thoughts :
    My beloved brother it is nearly a year since Popples passed away and I am feeling incredibly sad and am crying a lot. Today when I asked Jordan to mow the lawns he looked at me funny and ran off. I could have been looking at you my darling as it was exactly what you used to do when you were asked to do a job round the house. I think you will live on in him as more and more of his mannerisims are the same as yours. I do not know if this is a good thing at the moment as it makes me incredibly sad. Maybe in time I will come to enjoy it more.

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 25/02/2007 1:07:45 p.m.
  Topic :    My love for you!
  Thoughts :
    Again this lonely moments of early sunday morning - this very moment you have decided to leave this world. 43 weeks without you. 43 weeks of struggling with my life. 43 more weeks feeling this unchanged love for you. I carry you in my heart, my beloved husband. Thank you for the time we could share together. These uncountable colourful memories are the only reason for me for going on. I love you.

  Posted By :    Gaby & Stephan   on 25/01/2007 8:11:11 p.m.
  Topic :    Alan forever
  Thoughts :
    ... muessen bei jedem Tankstop am Irschenberg an Ihn denken - da haben wir ihn das letzte mal gesehen und gemeinsam gelacht. Liebe Bettina - er ist noch in unseren Gedanken!!

  Posted By :    Bettina Stille   on 15/01/2007 9:36:15 a.m.
  Topic :    Thoughts for my dearest husband
  Thoughts :
    Wish you were here. I love you! Please help me to finding my way out of this dark and endless tunnel of life without you.

  Posted By :    sherrida   on 3/01/2007 11:21:33 a.m.
  Topic :    Hope with a new year
  Thoughts :
    I haven't been on here for a while my darling but that does not mean you are ever far from my thoughts. I cannot come on here without crying so much. Oh my God Alan I just want the phone to ring and it be you on the other end but I do know that you are with me all the time. I love you Al and having your beautiful face smiling at me every time I walk past you in the dining room helps me a lot. Maybe things will get a little easier now that it is a new year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Posted By :    JETS   on 2/01/2007 12:20:03 a.m.
  Topic :    Love You
  Thoughts :
    Happy New Year Albob. We enter a New Year our Dreams Hopes and Wishes can never be answered, but we can only hope; but our Love will be forever of you and Popples Albob we Loved you and miss you both on this day and every day your Loving Family.Jordan,Eddie,Tessa, Shreds (JETS)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Posted By :    Christof & Martina   on 31/12/2006 5:03:15 a.m.
  Topic :    Nachdenkliche Weihnachtszeit
  Thoughts :
    Hi BigAl, wir denken oft an Dich und Bettina und all Deine guten Freunde. Wir vermissen Dich.

  Posted By :    Arti   on 26/12/2006 7:30:37 a.m.
  Topic :    Frohe Weihnachten
  Thoughts :
    Hi Al, wollte dir auch einfach nur "Frohe Weihnachten" wŁnschen!

  Posted By :    Swantje   on 22/12/2006 10:33:40 p.m.
  Topic :    Christmas ...
  Thoughts :
    ... I will cherrish every single moment of the coming days with my family as this year has - once again - dramatically shown how fast our lifes can be changed forever. I miss you, Alan - there is lots I would like to talk and laugh with you about. Betttina, you are still in my thoughts every day - you have our support over the coming days. It feels always like a relief to be able to come back to this site. Love, Swantje

  Posted By :    Dan   on 18/12/2006 10:45:25 p.m.
  Topic :    Christmas is...
  Thoughts :
    making time for people, family, loved ones, friends. Al-maaaaaate, you and Bettina are in my thoughts more than ever as these festive days loom up. Sure there's some grief but you always strengthed feelings of treasuring and in an even more special way than before. Thanks heaps Albob!
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