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  Posted By :    Greg   on 19/10/2010 11:45:26 a.m.
  Topic :    Happy Birthday maaaate
  Thoughts :
    A nice sunny spring day, the birds are chirping. I can hear your laugh as you enjoy the breeze. Big hug and go well Al.

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 2/07/2010 10:54:53 a.m.
  Topic :    1.7.
  Thoughts :
    Beloved Alan, my thoughts have been in New Zealand today - where we got married 11 years ago.... Colourful memories - unforgetable. Yesterday I packed your snowboard gear together to send it to NZ for Jordan. I found your very last ski lift ticket from January 2006 still attached at the jacket and a little empty bottle of Rum in the pocket. It made me laugh and cry at the same moment... I love you and the endless memories I am carrying in my heart. Bettina

  Posted By :    JETS   on 15/05/2010 4:54:37 a.m.
  Topic :    Thought of you
  Thoughts :
    We dont need special days to think of you, you are always in our hearts. Thought of you today, but that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. We think of you in silence. We often speak your name. All we have is memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, in which we'll never part. God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart Love and Miss you all xxx JETS

  Posted By :    Wilma   on 7/05/2010 9:14:02 p.m.
  Topic :    Denk an dich
  Thoughts :
    Alan, ich habe gestern abend auf mare-tv einen wunderbaren Bericht über dein Land gesehen. Als Steve, Maori und Busfahrer auf dem 90-Mile-Beach an der Nordspitze Neuseelands einen ganz besonderen Platz zeigte, atemberaubend und sehr berührend. Er sagte, das, egal wo auf dieser Welt ein Maori stirbt, hier seine Seele die physische Welt verläßt - da war ich ganz nah bei dir. Ich denk an dich - Wilma

  Posted By :    Kriki   on 7/05/2010 7:09:28 p.m.
  Topic :    Big Al
  Thoughts :
    Jetzt sind es vier Jahre vorbei, als das Unfassbare passierte.Und Du bist noch soooooooooooooo fest in meinen Gedanken.Du schaust bestimmt auf uns und siehst was der ein oder andere macht.Ich denke sehr oft an Dich.Bei mir hat sich wie Du bestimmt gemerkt hast, nicht viel geändert, außer dass ich vor 6 Jahren beim letzten Triathlon gestartet bin. Dies möchte ich wieder aufleben lassen.Nur um einfach dabei zu sein.Gibt für mich nichts Schöneres.Du hättest sicher auch ewig weiter Triathlon gemacht.Die Zeit vergeht so schnell.4 Jahre.Unglaublich.Bin jetzt schon fast 6 Jahre mit Gisi zusammen.Wobei die letzten 4 Monate war sie ja in Afrika mit dem Rad.Schön, dass Du ein Beschützerauge auf sie geworfen hast und noch weiter wirfst.Ich drücke Dich ganz ganz fest und hoff dass Du dies an alle Dich Vermissenden weitergibst!

  Posted By :    Greg   on 7/05/2010 12:34:43 p.m.
  Topic :    quiet times
  Thoughts :
    Al, four years ago now, Sherrida and I were flying back from Munich. I have just spent all night in the A&E with Jo, who has a herniated disc. I am back home now, to get some sleep. Amazing... some things change but are the same. Some quiet time, while waiting, for reflection. You are still present in our thoughts mate. Take care out there. big hug :-)

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 7/05/2010 12:08:29 p.m.
  Topic :    Eternity
  Thoughts :
    Beloved Alan, these hours of the night are dedicated to you, this special time of the very early day, when you decided to leave this world and to free your soul. You are more with all of us then ever. You are in the singing of birds and in the brightness of the sun, I can hear your laughter in the wispering of grass and in the sound of ocean waves. I can feel you in my life which is going on the way it has to go on. Thank you for your love and for being nearby every day. The persons you've loved continue to love you by loving eachother. Rest in peace - wherever you are. Stay in my heart wherever I will be. Yours Bettina

  Posted By :    Dan   on 7/05/2010 10:16:28 a.m.
  Topic :    As we spin around the Sun on this precious Earth of ours...
  Thoughts :
    that exact same spot of the orbit passed exactly four years ago is just approaching again. Can't sleep so might as well share the moment with you Al-mate :-) It has been a very intense week for me and a beautiful week too especially with Jules' confirmation and visiting Bettina and Dieter. Its heartwarming that you're always there...special thanks for helping in those special moments. Aroha nui Bro

  Posted By :    Arti   on 3/05/2010 9:04:27 a.m.
  Topic :    Thoughts
  Thoughts :
    Ich denke an Dich und weiss nicht, ob es weh tut oder mir dabei "warm ums Herz wird". Wahrscheinlich beides...!

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 23/04/2010 8:42:49 a.m.
  Topic :    Time goes on - but Love remains
  Thoughts :
    Beloved Alan, there is no day where you are not in my mind with colourful memories and the peaceful feeling of eternal love. You will be always with me - wherever you are and wherever I will be. And I know that you know this. R.I.P.
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