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  Posted By :    jack ralston   on 8/05/2008 11:28:40 p.m.
  Topic :    My Maaate Al-Bob
  Thoughts :
    2 years on and i still hurt in my heart. But smile at the love and warmth Al left with us all. I cried a little last night, I laughed and went to sleep all the better for knowing a great person in life. Bettina we all love and think of you, and as time goes on we never forget! love Jack and family

  Posted By :    Greg   on 8/05/2008 6:00:08 p.m.
  Topic :    Al, Bettina and friends
  Thoughts :
    I haven’t been too well lately Al, but today is a great day to go for a bike and think of you, Bettina, family and friends. Go easy and well, mate.

  Posted By :    Steve   on 8/05/2008 1:06:33 a.m.
  Topic :    My Friend
  Thoughts :
    Your voice echoes in my mind and makes me smile. Story. I am a better person for knowing you. I am a lucky person to have called you Friend. - Always, Steve

  Posted By :    Fiona McAllister   on 7/05/2008 11:09:51 p.m.
  Topic :    R.I.P.
  Thoughts :
    2 years on and you are gone but never forgotten Alan.

  Posted By :    Gaby & Stephan   on 7/05/2008 6:44:49 p.m.
  Topic :    FOREVER ALAN
  Thoughts :
    Das kostbarste Vermächtnis eines Menschen ist die Spur, die seine Liebe in unseren Herzen zurueckgelassen hat.(Vinzenz Erath) Wir werden Dich nicht vergessen.....

  Posted By :    Your loving sister   on 7/05/2008 2:08:16 p.m.
  Topic :    Anniversary
  Thoughts :
    My darling brother today marks the second anniversary of your death and the 19th of our mother. It is a lovely day here today and I went for a long walk along the river and thought of you all guiding me in my life and helping me to, hopefully, make wise choices. I bought a lovely pot that Tessa chose as I was going to plant a rose and put Mum and Dad's ashes in it. Unfortunately it is not the season for roses and so I have to wait another couple of weeks. I know you will all appreciate my silliness and have a laugh about it. You are so missed Al and my heart is still so heavy - will it ever get any easier? Help me to heal my darling xxxxx

  Posted By :    Dan   on 7/05/2008 9:21:43 a.m.
  Topic :    Remember you, feel you, miss you...
  Thoughts :
    ...everyday of the last two years...and forever in the future. Al mate I'm honoured to have your guidance in my life. Thank you for being there always in my soul. I miss you very much.

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 7/05/2008 7:44:25 a.m.
  Topic :    2 years, 730 days, 729 nights, countless pain
  Thoughts :
    Dearest husband, beloved Alan, you are in my heart and you are in my soul and you are always with me in my life - and one day I will have learned to take life as it is now. Promised! I love you. B.

  Posted By :    Bettina, Frank and Ben   on 6/05/2008 7:07:11 a.m.
  Topic :    You, Big-Al and Bettina
  Thoughts :
    Dear Al, dear Bettina, the days are getting longer again and the time is running so fast. The memories of all the great time we could spend together are closer and stronger than ever. Big-Al, we are missing you so much - every day, again and again - but a single look on the photo with your smile delights our mind! Bettina, our thoughts are with you all the time. in love Bettina, Frank and Ben

  Posted By :    Your wife   on 30/04/2008 9:00:34 a.m.
  Topic :    Springtime
  Thoughts :
    Will I ever stop to remember?
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