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Alan passed away peacefully early on Sunday morning in Munich - 07.05.2006. In the previous 15 days, after suffering a heart attack on 22.04.2006, Alan gave his loved ones and friends time to say goodbye.

Bettina and Alan's family ask that you show your support and sympathy with a donation to Alan's chosen charity.
Please refrain from sending flowers or wreaths, thank you.
Link here to a fundraising page on behalf of Alan. 

Although Alan was very ill, he was peaceful throughout throughout his 15 days in intensive care and he was able to leave with real dignity.
On the Sunday Alan died a group of about 15 close friends and family sat with Alan for a few hours and said goodbye.

We will each remember something different about Alan depending, upon how he touched us. On a different day it may be his smile, laughter, sporting ability, sportsmanship, professionalism, caring nature, kind words, generosity, love, and sheer love of life…… the list is endless.

Whatever it is for you, we are all privileged to have been touched by this remarkable man………

Clarifying the basic facts can hopefully ease the incomprehensiblity of Alan's passing.

Albob suffered the heart attack while driving his VW van alone on the autobahn, just SW of Munich, about 8.30pm on Saturday, 22.04.2006. Alan managed to stop his VW Van in the breakdown lane without harming others - exactly in the way he has always lived. Following cars stopped immediately and quickly alarmed emergency services.

Unfortunately it was not noticed that Al's heart had stopped and he remained slumped over the steering wheel. The ambulance arrived and the emergency doctor started CPR within 10 minutes of the alarm being raised. Al's heart and breathing were restarted immediately but unfortunately his brain had too little oxygen for too long.

Bettina, Alan's wife, rushed back from her work trip to Beijing as soon as she heard the tragic news from her boss, Joe, who handled the very difficult situation in the best possible way. Bettina arrived back in Munich on Tuesday 25.04.06. Al and Bettina had said good-bye to each other five days before, not expecting to see each other for the next ten weeks. This was to be the longest period in over 18 years of being in love that they were to be apart. Of course, as always, they said goodbye in an intense way and reassured each other that 10 weeks was nothing compared to the lifetime together still ahead.


Bettina called Sherrida, Alan's sister, as soon as possible and Sherrida arrived in Munich on Friday, 28.04.2006, from New Zealand accompanied the whole way by Greg...a long time mate of Al's.

Al genuinely cared about sharing his time with a huge number of folk. In the weeks before his heart attack Al was actively finding contacts in "". Alan has mentioned several times in the last months how he would've loved to get to the Rangitoto College 50 year reunion in June.

In Alan's office there was a copy of a picture of his close running friends in NZ from the 1970,s and 1980's printed on 15.04.06. On the printout Alan had handwritten the email addresses of most of his mates on it making it so much easier to contact "Alan's one time "2nd family" to share the sad news.

Alan lived fully, sharing action, adventures and experiences with his mates and friends - combining his love for movement, sport and people. In recent years Al has competed in and enjoyed triathlons/duathlons, representing Aotearoa/NZ at World Champs including Hawaii Ironman - Al had so many more finish lines he wanted to cross :-(

Alan has already jammed more into his 43 years than most people do in a lifetime. AlBob was a man on the move...countless experiences, memories and photos illustrate his love of life.

Bettina and Sherrida and their families sincerely thank you for your love and support over the last days, and ask that you keep Alan in your thoughts and hearts.

Alan has left us all with rich and joyful memories to share and enjoy....something very special for each of us with which to enrich our lives.

Remember Alan's smile......

- For today..... is a well loved NZ song (Netherworld Dancing Toys), poignant to NZ-ers and so completely apt for Alan.
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