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  Posted By :    Shreds   on 31/08/2012 11:37:56 a.m.
  Topic :    Jack
  Thoughts :
    Went up to Jack's funeral yesterday. It was a wonderful, emotional event, the tributes very fitting for such an inspirational, wonderful man. There were slide photos of you with "Jack's psck" which bought back wonderful memories. I talked to Kerryn and she spoke of her early memories of you all in their house and how her and Nikki grew up with you all. There were many of your old running buddies there and I had a long and wonderful chat with Robbie and his wife and Lesley and Margaret. Greg also came to represent you which was remarkable. So glad I made the effort to go. Am sure you are together now having a great chat and a laugh. Never far from my thoughts Al-bob xxxxx

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 27/07/2012 11:19:48 p.m.
  Topic :    Korsika
  Thoughts :
    Dearest Al, I am going to Korsika - and I will carry you in my heart as always - the colorful memories from our vacation in Korsika in June 2005 will surely be with me. R.I.P. Bettina

  Posted By :    Swantje   on 9/05/2012 11:57:20 p.m.
  Topic :    6 years ...
  Thoughts :
    ... a long time - a short time - sadly a time without you. But you are still in our hearts, where you belong! Swantje

  Posted By :    Neil M   on 8/05/2012 12:46:34 a.m.
  Topic :    A day to remember...
  Thoughts :
    Warm and heartfelt thoughts abound.... Alan's afterglow shines on!!

  Posted By :    Bettina & Frank   on 7/05/2012 6:21:47 p.m.
  Topic :    ... today ... and every day ...
  Thoughts :
    Big AL, dear Bettina, today is again a day, when we are even more close to you in our minds and thoughts as all the other days. We still keep remembering the great time we had with both of you ... today ... and every day ...

  Posted By :    Dan   on 7/05/2012 9:03:57 a.m.
  Topic :    Remembering your smile...
  Thoughts :
    today and everyday of these passing years. Thankful for your valued friendship and reminders, but missing you heaps mate! Heaps!

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 7/05/2012 7:58:44 a.m.
  Topic :    Year 6
  Thoughts :
    Beloved Alan, 6 years or 72 full moons or 2190 days without you.... It is a long time - but my memories are colorful and warm when I am thinking about you. "What we communicate out into the world, the ripples we cause through our existence, that is what will be left of us, when our existence has long since passed away." I carry you in the depth of my heart for ever. - R.I.P. -

  Posted By :    Bettina   on 21/02/2012 12:30:40 p.m.
  Topic :    Your friend Brett Roche
  Thoughts :
    Dearest Alan, today I have learned that your friend Brett has followed you in your world since December 2009. I'm sure that you both are having big laughters together... It is always good to know having a friend beside. Love Bettina

  Posted By :    Eddie   on 9/02/2012 8:39:48 a.m.
  Topic :    Thinking of you today
  Thoughts :
    Kia Ora Al Bob today I was walking over the Manhattan Bridge in New York when I gazed out across the Hudson River to look at the Statue of Liberty and as I did the sun shone down and for some strange reason it brought a lovely smile to my face and I could hear you speaking Maaatey I suppose it gave one the sense of freedom ...never too far from our thoughts even now......

  Posted By :    Steve   on 21/10/2011 7:30:02 a.m.
  Topic :    1988
  Thoughts :
    Happy Birthday my friend. Saw some old pictures of us in Munich back in early 1988. Good times and losts of smiles. Great memories. Cheers! Steve
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